In Loving Memory of Duke

duke001.jpgToday at noon Duke has returned to his creator peacefully in his sleep. There were no dry eyes in our house, and when the mourning has subsided I will chronicle his last week on this earth. It’s suffice to say for now that we will always remember him and he will always be in our hearts.

He was by my side almost all the time when I’m home. I will GREATLY miss him.

I will miss him when I wake up in the morning
I will miss his escorting me to the door whenever I am leaving the house
I will miss his greeting by the door with his excitement and wagging tail every time I come home (even when he was very sick and could hardly get up he would still try to go to the door)
I will miss his trying to get onto the treadmill when I exercise
I will miss him when I wash the car
I will miss his wet nose reminding me to stop working and to go to sleep whenever I work late in my study
I will miss his whimpering in the middle of the night wanting to “go potty”
I will miss feeding him even spoon feed him when he’s sick
I will miss filling his water bowls
We will miss his from-sleeping-to-the-door-in-3-seconds sprint when the doorbell rings
We will miss him when we play in the yard, yes, even I will miss him chasing the water from the hose
We will miss him whenever we take a walk around the block

you are now is a better place where there are no more suffering, no more pains, and no more tears.
IF you’re in heaven with the Lord (our theology isn’t clear on this), just wait for us there, buddy.
One day we will see you again over there!
Just wait for us at Heaven’s pearly gate as you always had done: waiting for me by the door.
When I see you there I promised you we will play water to your heart’s desire. We will take a looong walk in the garden, and
then I will once again hug you.

Thank you for your loyal friendship, our unfailing love, your fierce protection, and your ever-present companionship!
Often I yelled at you, mad at you but never once were you angry at me. Right after I yelled at you, you would always come to me wanting me to pet you and love you. (And I always did….. because I loved you).

Farewell my best friend!

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