Electricity Rates Increase

I’ve been thinking about switching our PG&E Electric Schedule from E-6 to EV1.  After punching some numbers, I was quite shocked at how much the electricity rates have gone up in a 4-year period!

After we have installed solar panels, I built a simple program to keep track of our electricity usage, and how much we spent daily, weekly, and monthly.  Thus, I still have the rates from 2011-12 period.

The two charts below show the electricity rates for E-6 residential customers in 2011-12 and 2016. Off-peak rates have gone up  60.6% increase in Summer months from May – October and  58.6% in Winter months from November – April.  Ever wonder why installing solar panels is a good investment?



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  1. In a 4-year period electricity rates have gone up 60.6% for PG&E E-6 Residential customers in off-peak hours, and 28.7% of peak hours in Summer months. Ever wonder if installing solar panels is a good choice?

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