Merry Christmas 2011

“Who could do this unless the Son of God should also become the Son of man, and so receive what is ours as to transfer to us what is his, making that which is his by nature to become ours by grace?  Relying on this earnest, we trust that we are the sons of God, because the natural Son of God assumed to himself a body of our body, flesh of our flesh, bones of our bones, that he might be one with us…”

-John Calvin, “Institutes of the Christian Religion”, translated by Henry Beveridge, book II, xii, 2

Dear family and friends:

The new year is dawning upon us, and soon we will bid farewell to 2011 and welcome 2012!  It’s been 12 years since the Y2K madness and yet we are still here, kicking, breathing, well, and very much alive.

This year went by so quickly we didn’t even realize that we’re at the end of it already.  We started the year by adding Baron to our family.  In January we picked him up from the same breeder we bought Duke.  He was Tryphena’s birthday present, so his full legal name is Tryphena’s Baron vom Nadelhaus.  The first three weeks was nothing but hard work to potty train him.  He has grown to be a beautiful German Shepherd now.

In Summer Hizkia’s sister and her family came to visit, and we went to a few places.  Click on the “Photo Album” to see our pictures.  Tryphena also had the opportunity to spend some time with her cousins (“the boys” as she calls them).

In September Tryphena started kindergarten.  This will be her last year at the Montessori school.  Her reading and math skills improve over time.  She is still taking piano lesson, too.  And every Sunday she goes to a Chinese class to learn Chinese.  She also loves LEGO very much, she asked for a big LEGO set for her birthday next month.

Hizkia still works for Visalia Unified.  This is his 14th year commuting back and forth to Visalia every day.  Work load was heavy as usual, and in Summer we acquired a new testing program and it was quite a challenge to gather all of the data needed.

Indra is busy chauffeuring Tryphena to and from her school and other activities every day.  She is also brushing up her computer skills hoping to go back to work next year.

Soon we need to decide where to send Tryphena to school.  Public school seems to be out of consideration because of its left leaning agenda while the cost of private school is very prohibitive.  We pray for wisdom as we decide.

With all of its joys and challenges, we will bid 2011 farewell!  We thank the Lord for his sustaining love, grace, and mercy!  We pray that 2012 will be a better year for us, for the country, and for the world in general.  In this solemn season, and as we often reminded in church during the Lord’s Supper, may the remembrance of our Lord’s birth revives in us also the hope of His return.  The Lord assures us that He will come again to take us to Himself.  Come, Lord Jesus.

Merry Christmas!


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  1. So good to here from you and see the pictures. Tryphene is darling and has grown so much. You and Indra look great! Yes it is unbelieveable where this year and the last several have gone. Thanks to the Lord all is well with me. Baron is hansome we just lost our Buddy Dec 21 we had him 14 years that is really long considering when he was younger he had valley fever and survived. I wish you a wonderful holiday season and a blessed New Year. Hello to the girls. Love Donna

  2. Donna, I’m sorry to hear about your loss. We know how hard it must have been to lose him. Other than that, how is everything with you and Butch? I noticed that Bret is now teaching at Whitney (or Redwood?)

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