Merry Christmas 2012

The case was certainly desperate, if the Godhead itself did not descend to us, it being impossible for us to ascend.  Thus the Son of God behoved to become our Emmanuel, i.e. God with us; and in such a way, that by mutual union his divinity and our nature might be combined; otherwise, neither was the proximity near enough, nor the affinity strong enough, to give us hope that God would dwell with us; so great the repugnance between our pollution and the spotless purity of God.

-John Calvin in “Institutes of the Christian Religion” book II. XII.I translated by Henry Beveridge

Another year is dawning, so we’d just like to wish you Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noël, Frohe Weihnachten Buon Natale, Selamat Natal, Shana Tova, or simply Seasons Greetings!

Time flies, and is gaining speed in 2012.  Where does time go?  It just seemed like yesterday when we entered 2012, and now here we are at the close of it, surviving the Mayan doomsday.  2012 was filled with ups and downs, and we are grateful for God’s many blessings in our family, blessings that in many ways we do not deserve.  We are grateful for all of you, our friends and family.

Tryphena started 1st grade at Fresno Christian Schools in August.  She loves her teacher whom she often describes in one word “S-U-P-E-R!”  She enjoys her classmates, and she continues to progress in her reading and Math.  She still takes piano lesson and gave two recitals this year.  Every Sunday after church she goes to Chinese and art classes

Indra was busy teaching and chauffeuring Tryphena to and from from school every day, and to all other activities.  In October she started a part time job at Gibson Wine Company where she used to work.  We are thankful that her hours and be arranged in such a way that she can still take care of Tryphena.

Hizkia still works at Visalia Unified School District as a research analyst.  In Summer he started Oasis Publishing, a small e-book publishing business.  He has about a dozen contracted authors and published books for Kindle and Nook.

Baron, our German Shepherd, turned 2 in October.  He still likes to play and can be bothersome sometimes.

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!


Hizkia, Indra, Tryphena, and Baron.


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