The Shack

With the release of “The Shack” movie, I am reposting this old post from 2009.

“The Shack” is a theological FICTION novel by William P. Young.  I was first made aware of it in one of the discussion group mailing lists that I belong to.   If memory serves well it was back in January and I have forgotten about it until this weekend.   On Saturday we went to Costco to replenish some of the household items, and I saw this book.  Today we went to Border’s to pick up a copy of “Glenn Beck’s Common Sense” and once again I spotted “The Shack” on the same Bestselling shelf.

“The Shack” may have gained its popularity that made it one of the bestselling books.  Despite its popularity among Christians, and I would guess, among young Christians, there are some concerns that we need to know about this book- concerns that are far too dangerous to ignore.

To be fair, I have never read “The Shack” because in general I’m careful before spending any money on books. I would find out more about the book before I decide to buy it.  In the process of finding out more about it I found the review by Tim Challies that I found to be helpful.  I would encourage you to read this review before you decide to read “The Shack”.  Or read the review anyway to start a discussion around dinner with your teenage kid who may have bought this book.

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