Water For Gas? I Kid You Not!

The more I read about Brown gas (a.k.a. HHO), the more confused I am. (read previous post about it) There are so many different varieties out there, and each claims to be the best. Some argue it doesn’t work, while some show real proof. Finally today I gave it a try. I just had a system installed on the Civic. Wayne and his brother build the system and they install it. Depending on how many jars you have, the system starts from $275 installed. Not a bad price if it works, especially when compared to $800+ the other guy charges. Wayne had it installed on his Tahoe, and Howard installed a 4-jar system on his Ford Fiesta themselves. I have the 4-jar system, and I’ll post a journal regularly to let you know how well it works in saving me gas, or if it is doesn’t work. If it saves gas, then I will also post Wayne’s contact information.

There is not much room in the Civic’s engine compartment. Luckily Howard just installed his system on a similar Civic a few days ago so he knew where to put those water jars……… behind the front bumper. The first thing he had to do this morning was to take the bumper off. After that he installed the jar holder, connected the wires, and inputted the generated Hydrogen through the intake manifold- one before the PVC sensor and one after the sensor. Below are some pictures of the water jars. They’re not visible once you put the bumper back.

hoh0001.jpg Top viewhoh0003.jpg

Below are pictures of the jars:

hoh0004.jpg hoh0005.jpg

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  1. Guy says that if you have O2 sensors you need to fool them into thinking that you are burning just as much fuel as before. Your computer keeps dumping more fuel because the O2 sensors are telling it that it’s burning too clean. Guy’s friend has the instructions on how to build the chips to wire into the O2 sensors. He will contact him and get those instructions for you and also a contact where you may buy them for $50.00 each. It’s much cheaper to build your own if you have the skills.

    Brenna & Guy

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