Ducks Feeding

P1020339.jpgIn September we went to the Woodward Park in Fresno twice to feed the ducks. We brought bread that Indra had cut the night before, and we fed the ducks with bread. I uploaded some pictures from the both visits in to the “Photo Album“.

More Video Clips

Some more video clips were uploaded. For now there are three video clips available:

Selling candles: A 3-minute clip where Tryphena was being trained in the candle business. She was able to identify and correctly picked some scents.

Oatmeal: A short clip where Tryphena is eating oatmeal by herself. Watch how she uses the spoon. 🙂

Ghost: (In Bahasa Indonesia) Tryphena runs around pretending that she’s a ghost. We also asked her names of family members such as grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt, etc.

Trip to Indonesia in April

Finally I made time to upload pictures from our trip to Indonesia in April. They can be found in the “photo albums” page.

We left home around 5:30 in the afternoon on April 19th for Fresno Yosemite International Airport. The flight from Fresno to SFO was on a small propellered airplane. It was so noisy that Tryphena cried almost all thorough the flight. Keep in mind that it was her very first time flying, too.

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Fish….Fish…. and more Fish….

aquarium1.JPG On Friday, August 3rd we went to Monterey Bay aquarium.  We left about 8:30 in the morning after dropping Duke to his hotel.  The road was a bit crowded, but overall the trip was smooth.  We ate lunch at Bubba Gump before going to the aquarium.

Tryphena enjoyed her time at the aquarium.  Days before we left we’ve told her that we’re going to “see big fish.”  Her face shone with excitement when she saw such a big aquarium.  She was familiar with many of the sea creatures there from reading her books, and now it’s time to see them alive!  She liked all of the exhibits- Jellyfish, Penguins, Sea Otters, Octopus, Bat rays, and many more- most of all she liked ‘Oteng’,  her way of saying “Otter” 🙂

We left the aquarium close to six for our hotel.  She crashed soon after we arrived at the hotel.  We came home on the following day.  It was an eventful trip!  Visit our photo album to see more pictures.

To Read or Not to Read….That’s the Question

The 7th and final book on Harry Potter was released around the globe on July 21. People-adults and children- stood in line for hours to be the first to read the book. A co-worker’s wife and children went to Border’s bookstore and stood in line for a few hours just so that they would be among the first to have that book.

Will Harry die?” was the question Potter’s fans had been discussing even long before the book was released. I even wonder if gamblers would wager their money on this. (Perhaps they did!). Continue reading “To Read or Not to Read….That’s the Question”