Twenty One Years Ago Today

The date was August 19, and the year was 1986 when I left Indonesia for the States to go to Fresno State. I still remember I wore a white collarless polo shirt and a pair of black pants when I came here. My high school friend who left a year before me picked us (my older sister and I) from LAX and we spent one night at his apartment in Santa Monica.

The following day we flew to Fresno where my sister’s friend picked us up athe airport. My sister came to the States a year earlier and she went back to Indonesia for Summer break and to pick me. We moved into our apartment, and my sister’s friend’s boyfriend helped us moved some furniture from a storage unit to the apartment. My sister bought some furniture and store them in a storage before she left for Summer break. During the year she was here she lived with a Philipino family; thus, she didn’t have any furniture.

The next day we bought some other household items such as a TV set, a sofa, a rice cooker, etc. I came here with only 2 luggages, and it included a tennis racket, an old Atari play station (pre 64!), and some highschool note books and text books! In a 21-year period it grew exponentially!

Up to this day I still keep some of the “original” stuff. I still have high school notes that I brought. We still watch the original 19″ Zenith TV. We still cook rice using the original rice cooker that we bought 21 years ago, and we still keep a couple of coffee tables, a couple of 4-drawer dressers, and the dining table even though the chairs were long gone.

That’s how I came to the US and I’m stuck here ever since. 🙂 It’s been a good 21 years with its ups and downs.

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