Calvin: Is He Still Relevant Today?

He would have been 500 years old this year if he’s still alive. I am talking about John Calvin, a 16th century theologian anjohn-calvin-9.jpgd Christian Reformation figure who demanded to be buried in an unmarked grave. Born on July 10, 1509 he latter changed the landscape of Christian religion through his passion for God and the truth expressed in the Bible, and through his magnum opus, “The Institutes of the Christian Religion.” Please click here to read more about his biography.

It’s been almost 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, the very act that sparked the Protestant Reformation movement of which Calvin was one of the leading figures, and I’ve been thinking whether Calvin and his teaching, and more generally, the Reformation movement is still relevant today.

I personally believe the answer is a firm “yes”, especially in this day and age where churches no longer proclaim the Gospel but rather the self-help sermons, where the saints are no longer direct to search outside of themselves for their salvation but are told that if only they can do better they can be saved (or maintain their salvation).

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