In Search of Spirituality

MRI’m currently going through the May/June 2008’s issue of Modern Reformation, and while there’re many good articles in it (as usual), one article by Dr. Peter Jones IMHO hits the nail right on its head. The whole issue is about the rise of Spirituality and how it creeps into the church across many denominational boundaries. This is not a light matter because at its core it’s anti Christian. The New Spirituality is none other the re-appearance of the old Gnosticism. It found its way to politic, to social structure, and also to the church both through liberal theologians and “evangelical” preachers alike. What is even more troubling is that most people don’t even realize its threat, both politically and ecclesiastically.

This form of New Spirituality poses a great threat both to our culture as well as to the Church of Jesus Christ. Culturally it tries to assimilate all belief systems into one where there’s no sense of right from wrong. In the church, it denies the God of the Bible. While we are to seek salvation from outside of ourselves, the Redeemer God who came in the flesh and dwelled amongst His people, the New Spirituality seeks salvation from within, to find “god within ourselves”. I urge you to read the whole article by Dr. Jones, and I hope you too will realize the danger of this new force working to destroy both our culture and our church.

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