I had been having intermittent problems with the Internet connection at home for a few months.  I had replaced the router and the modem, but the problem continued until yesterday.  (I’m crossing my fingers, but so far it’s been good).  The problem was that I would lose the Internet connection every so often that I had to powercycle (that’s turning off and the on again) the modem sometimes every hour.  Several calls to the Tech support didn’t help resolve the problem until yesterday when I was ready to dump DSL and switch to a faster (and more expensive) cable Internet.

I called the tech support again yesterday morning, and after been put on hold for about 10 minutes finally I was able to talk to someone who gave me a clue of what was wrong.   Before she was able to finish helping me; however, I lost her when I switched to the cordless phone.  DUH…… I tried different settings and finally I was able to figure out what the problem was.  Before the PPP location was on the modem.  A simple switching from PPPoE mode to a Bridged mode on the modem, and from Dynamic to PPP on the router fixed the problem.  In addition, I also had to change the IP address of the router.  Hopefully it will fix the problem for good.