The Distinction between Law and Gospel

On the distinction between Law and Gospel, Theodore Beza, John Calvin’s successor in Geneva once said, “Ignorance of the distinction between the Law and Gospel is one of the principle sources of all the abuses which corrupt and still corrupt Christianity.”

Martin Luther, the great Reformer, said, “Virtually the whole of the scriptures and the understanding of the whole of theology-the entire Christian life, even- depends upon the true understanding of the law and the gospel.”

On the Reformation Sunday last Sunday, Rev. Inks preached on Galatians 3:6-14, and he explained why it is crucial to maintain this distinction.  Said he, “This distinction is apart from Roman Catholicism, Federal Vision, New Perspective on Paul, some Reformed camps, failed to make this distinction and should.  And in many sectors of Evangelical world failed to make and maintain this distinction between the Law and the Gospel that’s found here in Galatians chapter three”

If you only have two sermons to listen to this year, you must listen to this one.  It is truly edifying and refreshing!  The other one is its precursor, a sermon on Habakkuk.

Here is Pastor Inks on “The Law-Gospel Distinction”

And you need to hear this great sermon on Habakkuk to gain  greater understanding between this distinction of the Law and the Gospel.

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