HHO Update

As promised in the previous post, here’s the update on my HHO system.

I’m sad to report that the system has not worked well yet. Ever since it was installed the gas mileage plummeted. Usually I got 32.5 to 34.7 miles to a gallon with one exception of over 41 mpg (the mileage was 104.7 and I filled up only 2.505 gallon- but it was a rare happening right after I’ve changed the oil and spark plugs) highway miles. With the unit installed I got only 29.9 mpg highway and about 27.9 city driving. Continue reading “HHO Update”

Shaved Duke

After we’ve got home from Pismo I picked up Duke from his hotel. When I dropped him off I told him that we wanted him groomed and had his hair trimmed or shaved. I just trusted their judgement and wasn’t specific whether I wanted him trimmed or shaved. When I picked him up, we got a shaved German Shepherd. Here are the before and after pictures.

Duke UnshavedShaved Duke

The Congregation of Sweet Tomatoes

We like to go to Sweet Tomatoes, a casual salad bar eatery, after church. (My Sabbatharian brothers would rebuke me for eating out on Sundays) Judging from the way many people there dress, there’s no doubt that a lot of them are from surrounding churches. There, on Sundays, you can find people from many nations and all ages sit under the same roof to feed on the earthly food of salad, soup, and pasta. Continue reading “The Congregation of Sweet Tomatoes”

Meet Kimi

Red ear sliderWe have two rather big red ear sliders. We bought them when they were small, back in the Summer of 2002. Turtle food is so expensive nowadays and those turtles eat A LOT. Because they like to eat and they eat almost anything, I tried to give them dog food one day, and to my amazement they seemed to enjoy it. You can guess the rest of the story……. Here’s the picture of Kimi, the smaller of the two, eating a large piece of dog food. If you’re interested in Red Ear Sliders, visit http://www.redearslider.com/