Calvin: Is He Still Relevant Today?

He would have been 500 years old this year if he’s still alive. I am talking about John Calvin, a 16th century theologian anjohn-calvin-9.jpgd Christian Reformation figure who demanded to be buried in an unmarked grave. Born on July 10, 1509 he latter changed the landscape of Christian religion through his passion for God and the truth expressed in the Bible, and through his magnum opus, “The Institutes of the Christian Religion.” Please click here to read more about his biography.

It’s been almost 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, the very act that sparked the Protestant Reformation movement of which Calvin was one of the leading figures, and I’ve been thinking whether Calvin and his teaching, and more generally, the Reformation movement is still relevant today.

I personally believe the answer is a firm “yes”, especially in this day and age where churches no longer proclaim the Gospel but rather the self-help sermons, where the saints are no longer direct to search outside of themselves for their salvation but are told that if only they can do better they can be saved (or maintain their salvation).

How to Be Born Again


A few days ago a friend of mine sent this picture and asked, “What is he up to?” He then gave some possible answers, and one of those was, “Wanting a true ‘born-again’ experience. (however in the wrong port of entry)”.

I can’t tell for sure what that person is doing up there, but I can’t stop thinking of the silliness of most professing Evangelicals today who think that a born-again process is something that depends on the will of man. In other word, salvation is not wholly of God, but it is a synergic effort of man and God! Billy Graham was often heard saying, “God does ninety nine percent of it, but you still must do that last one percent.” Is that true? Is that what the Bible teaches?

The Bible indeed teaches that we are spiritually dead! DEAD! Please read Ephesians 2:1-5. Have you seen a dead man walked? Can a dead man walk, and let alone make that “last one percent” decision?! The thought of it is as absurd as the picture above. Trying to be born again!

Continue reading “How to Be Born Again”

Static Shocks

I often get static shocks when exiting the car or when touching a metal door.  It was really bothersome until I decided to trstatic.jpgy this cool gadget.   I bought it and even though it took a while to come it worth waiting for.  No more static shocks!  🙂  At least for me it works.  Click here to visit the store and you will find a lot of cool gadgets. eP rrihegIedtPenimn en raditrer eeCd tmleuDo eS eniheixrn nelnou tttCimninlr rentnne triDi DeDienenh lie eeNhtdeePmninoePr sienecritpr 0nn t2l e0l em nNre ponmclSniiee nmneOtninieliepOneeh rtren BtetP eriashelencm OiyaWrnnPmnhh s iEnyHe nphroPfnecedinmStetf lswdm irYp e cntei unye0nen uNp ecris otioCmsat F urhee niHa itPRetiareo nlftrw e ShhteemePlD yFrP9io hDena 9 eshGynmentcoe arPiein P BnurFee ctoteyxni ei odrspee neciiPreeG rW cehnopri erPea U nCtmtoc Ea CdhsueWoPPitnrttnihoi tnou$d neerohCme r. 50 ielpealsDneeeiPe cl S reePmhPaanafinOmnenhe hIhmnUt Tennorm tPey eoc sBit eerPhPNDntwyLi u co spmAhrPiO nneye ihcth srvoPW udaeranpi 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Tire Chains

chains0001.jpgWe practiced installing the chains this morning.  After some practices we can put the chain in less than 5 minutes on one tire.

Last night in the hotel room we found Chain Buddy‘s website and thought that it was handy to have it around.

The Nonsensical-Liberal Creed

A good friend of mine wrote this creed.  I found it to be so funny, yet so true.  🙂 

The Nonsensical-Liberal Creed  

I believe in Nancy Pelosi, mother superior of the House.  

And in Barack Obama,
our political messiah,
who was conceived under uncertain circumstances,
born of Ann Dunham,
suffered under no one,
will crucify businesses and bury their success,
may they descend into hell,
he will resurrect liberalism from the dead,
he will ascend into the White House,
from there he will tax the living and the dead,  

I believe in the liberal mormon Harry Reid,
the all beneficent government,
the communal distribution of wealth,
the forgiveness of sloth,
the resurrection of the Great Society,
and in the great liberal utopia to come.

(Oh yes, and I believe in JFK assassination and 9/11 conspiracy theories, Tinkerbell, and the tooth fairy.) 

Author: C. Bos

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Almost Three

I can’t believe that Tryphena is going to be three this January.  It seems it was just like yesterday when she was born, and now here she is….. almost three already.  I often wondered where the years’d gone.  Below are two pictures taken at about the same time of the year, one in 2007 and one this year.

October 2007, Standing

October 2008, Sitting Down

Noah’s Ark

ark1.jpgA friend of mine forwarded this link about Noah’s ark replica.  A Dutch building contractor built a replica of Noah’s ark in 2005 with his own hands and modern woodworking tools.  The ark was built to scale, 1/2 of the length and 1/3 of the width of the measurements found in the Bible.  Check it out for yourself and be astonished by this behemoth structure!  Remember that the original ark was about twice the length of this replica and three times as wide.  Here’s the link:


Check this link, too:

The State of Evangelicalism

The September 5th, 2008’s issue of The Washington Times had an article on Joel Osteen, the pastor of America’s largest church.  One paragraph that struck me read, “His books and message are America’s new civil religion: a packaging of advice on relationships, health and finances mixed in with shared values that appeal to people of all or no faith. About 40 percent of his worldwide TV audience identify themselves as nonbelievers.”  This is the new America’s religion:  Christless ‘Evangelical’! Continue reading “The State of Evangelicalism”