Busy February

image0061.jpgI can’t believe it will be March tomorrow!  February was filled with many activities, starting with a visit with granny, a Valentine’s lunch, tax filing, a couple of birthday parties for Tryphena’s friends, and we went to Shaver Lake on the 21st to play snow there.

Tryphena improves her reading, writing, and Math skills as the days go by.

Baron keeps growing, and his ears are all up now.  He demands a lot of attention and activities every day.

Click here for February’s pictures.

Happy Birthday!

DSC04306 (800x600).jpgWhere have the time gone?!  It seems just like yesterday but it has been 5 years since Tryphena was born.  I took a day off so that we could spend her birthday together.  She told us since last month that she wanted to go to eat at Macaroni Grill on her birthday.  “And you can order whatever you want….. whatever”, she would tell me.

So there we went this afternoon.  From there we went to granny’s, and we cut the cake there.  We also promised her a new puppy for her birthday, so next Friday we are going to go to Sacramento and then to Chico on the following day to pick up a German Shepherd puppy from Nadehaus.  We spent the rest of the day preparing the house for the new puppy!

Click here for her birthday pix.

Happy birthday, dearest daughter!

First Piano Recital

Tryphena just had her first piano recital this afternoon, Saturday, July 24.  She was a little nervous, but we think she did well considering that she was the youngest child, and that she was the first person to perform.  The hardest part was the transition from keyboard to piano.  Her practice- in class and at home- was on keyboard.  Here is the video clip from the recital:

Click on the photo album to see the pictures.

Arizona Vacation


On Friday, June 25th we left for Sedona, AZ to take a 1-week vacation.  We went to Arizona despite the boycotts and travel advisories issued by those idiots in Sacramento and some other California cities.  O yeah….we spent our hard-earned dollars in the wicked state of Arizona!!  Politics aside, it was a blast.

We stopped for one night in Las Vegas on the way to Sedona, and then another one on the way back.  In Las Vegas Tryphena wanted to see the white tigers, so we went to Siegfried’s and Roy’s  Secret Garden at the Mirage Hotel.  We also went to the Venitian in the morning.   Leaving Las Vegas, we drove passed the Hoover Dam where we stopped for photo ops.  Click here for Las Vegas pictures. Continue reading “Arizona Vacation”

Gilroy Gardens


We went for a one-day trip to Gilroy Gardens.  Tryphena enjoyed many rides there, and we planned on going back there in July.  Besides many rides suitable for small children,  we also enjoyed their beautiful gardens complete with “circus trees” as they call it.  What are circus trees?  Can you guess how many tree(s) is (are) in this picture?  Click here to find out.

More pictures can be found in the Photo Albums area.

Class Picture

Tryphena had her first class picture taken a couple of weeks ago.

Class Picture

Happy Birthday, Tryphena!

image0008.jpgIt’s been 4 years since Tryphena arrived into this world, it is a very rewarding experience to see how she’s grown from a small baby to become a healthy little girl!  She developed physically, mentally, as well as emotionally.  She likes to talk, likes school, and she also likes to be involved in conversation.

Today as she turned four, we pray that God will mold her to become a person after his own heart and she will shine like a jewel on his crown.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

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